Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 272 ~ Cupcakes in Red Bank

The Front door
Is it worth it to drive 40 minutes in order to buy delicious, overpriced cupcakes? As they used to say on the old show Laugh-in, You bet your sweet bippy, it is! In honor of Sara visiting home, we decided to get some cupcakes at Sugarush, a cup cake bar in Red Bank, NJ

some cupcakes
 Here were some of our choices. We got to build our own cupcakes and put whatever toppings we wanted.
before the frosing
 some plain cupcakes before they got icing. I ended up with an oreo topping  a lemon/raspberry icing, topped with fruity pebbles.

a card we could have taken but didn't
 Here is the phone number and web address for more info.

12 delicious Cupcakes 
This is what we ended up getting. One dozen donuts. Two for each member of our family.

See you tomorrow.

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