Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 175 ~ Man Conference

A full House and lively band!
Last Saturday, Daniel and I went up to North Jersey where we attended what was called a "Man Conference." Kinda of a hokey name but the speakers were very good and dealt with topics that are of particular interest to men who wish to serve the Lord. The worship band was excellent in terms of talent but I confess the worship itself was a bit, well, too loud for my tastes.  You would think that since I was a pentacostal for ten years that it wouldn't be a shock to my system to hear all that shouting but, alas, it was a bit unsettling.  Maybe that's why I am not a pentacostal.:) . While I may not like the worship to be so loud, I do confess I am very inspired by commitment and fervor which I saw among the people.

We got there early so we had to wait for all to show up
They had a lot of sponsors in the narthex of the church and one of them was a veteran's group that gave me a free new testament. Pretty cool. A recurring theme throughout the whole conference was Christians and pornography. Apparently, it is a big problem, citing statistics that children as young as nine are exposed to it and 30 % of pastors admitted to viewing porn. They were calling men to renounce it and live holy lives. That's a good thing. During the "altar call," they showed an edited down (for time)  video by Josh McDowell
which dealt with the subject.  By Christian standards, this video is edgy so watch at your own discretion.

I heard about the conference through my wife who heard about it on the Christian radio station. Daniel and I were glad we went.

See you tomorrow. 

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