Monday, August 5, 2013

Day 283 ~ Seeing a Friend after 25 Years!

A pic of me holding a plate
Out of the blue, a very good friend I had in the Air force, from 25 years ago, called me. We met this morning for breakfast and it was great to see him again after all this time.  He hasn't changed much really except for losing some hair. Here is a picture he had in his photo album. He took it when I went to visit him just after I got out of the Air Force in 1984.

The Living Room
 This is the house Victor lives in now. Really cool looking Modern vibe.

just visiting
 I had to have a visitor pass in my window or I'd get a ticket for  being parked on the street in his town.  Sadly, I forgot to return it to him so now I will have to mail it back to him.

me and Vic
Here is another picture from his photo album, back when I was young and handsome....well, young anyway.
If you are my facebook friend, be looking for a better copy of the pic which I will scan and then post.

See you tomorrow.

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