Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 327 ~ YES, I'M BACK ~

On Sept 17th, I said I was taking a break from My Daily Phone Pic because I was just about to start my new job at the TSA and I still had a month left on my Medical Billing and Coding Course. I said that after I finished my course, I'd be back so HERE I AM! I thought the best way to celebrate my return is with a goofy selfie. I help teach a class at church for Bible Quizzing for kids and, for some reason, this cut out was in the fellowship hall so I had one of the kids take my picture.  Looks nice, eh?

I did well on my course overall. The grades aren't back yet but I know I at least got a "B" even though I've been carrying an "A" for the entire course. The last week's three hour test was a tough one but we'll see how I did.

So it's good to be back....only 38 more posts to complete my year long project!

See you tomorrow.

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