Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 129 ~ Checking my Blood Pressure - Everyday

My blood pressure this morning
My blood pressure has been a bit on the high side so when I went to the VA Clinic for the very first time, they said they would mail me a Blood Pressure machine. It is simple to use.
relaxing, taking my BP
The nurse (named Patty) told me to take a deep breath first and then press the button and then breathe normally.  The deep breath relaxes you a bit.  I have started taking blood pressure meds and it did help in bringing it down which is good but I should lose weight and cut down on the salt and that would be a better way to control my BP.
My back up record
The machine records my stats each time I use it so I have to make sure no one else uses the machine. I have to bring the machine with me when I go back for a check up so Dr. Wong can read the results.  I make a written record on a notepad to back up what is in the machine.

See you tomorrow.

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