Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 86 ~ Remembering Zorro!

Zorro was my daughter's dog but since she was away at school, my wife and I grew very attached to him as we took care of him.And Zorro had a perfect personality fit for my daughter! Zorro had a liver shunt and other health problems which is why he only lived a couple of years.   He had a modified no protein diet so he really didn't find his dog-food tasty. It would take him 30 -40 minutes to eat a meal! The funny thing is every time we got the bowls out to get their dinner both dogs would go wild. Libby, our dachshund, would whine and run in circles until we gave her her food and Zorro would do actual body slams against the kitchen cabinet. But when the bowls would be placed on the floor, Zorro would just sniff it and walk away. My son Justin would say he was like a kid who was always promised pizza but ended up with broccoli.
Zorro LOVED to hang out with Sara. even when she was playing the piano.
with Libby, at YOU"RE DOG IS WORTH IT TOO event
at the Vet
Sara wrote a song for him!

 We really miss Zorro and even though he was here for a short time, he really did brighten up out lives!

See you tomorrow.

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