Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 94 ~ Starting School

From Star Career Academy
Last month, I decided that, since I am unemployed, I should retrain into a new career field. I decided that Medical Billing and Coding would be the best route to take. Other interesting fields I considered was Xray tech and, believe it or not, Funeral Director and mortuary affairs. But both of those required three years of training. I need to be working sooner than that.

One of the places I considered going was to the Star Academy but that would have required me driving for 20 minutes and sitting in a classroom for six hours a day, four days a week.  Instead, I am opting to take an online course. That would give me the flexibility I need right now. I, in fact, start today!
The Online School
One of the best things is that the Veterans Administration is paying for this training in a program called the Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP).  Thank you, tax payers, for paying for this. With this course, I should be in the online classroom 20 hours per week and working offline for 20 hours. Sounds like a full time job to me!

See you tomorrow.

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