Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 101 ~ Margaret feels cooped up!

Margaret in front of  a Doggie Derby sign
It's been cold out lately so I haven't been able to take Margaret out for her much needed walks. As it is, we just let her run around in the backyard for a while but we don't want her to stay out too long because of doggie hypothermia.  We ended up going to the doggie derbie that was advertised but it was a rainy day. This picture was taken when we took Margaret for a walk in the warmth of September.  

a magnet on my car
 Yes, I love my is a magnet we purchased some time ago. I got it for my car but ended up giving it to my wife for her car. But, don't worry, I just ended up taking her "soft coated Wheaten Terrier" magnet that was already on her car and put it on mine; 'twas a magnet swap!

See you tomorrow.

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