Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 119 ~ Libby Needs Food!

Petsmart Aisle
A mini-crisis at the Vivanco household. Libby, our lovable and demanding dachshund ran out of food.We didn't discover it until dinner last night. Not to worry, she didn't starve. Libby just ate some of Margarget's food, which is designed for bigger dogs. Libby, however, is supposed to get her Eukanuba Dachshund food. So, before I picked up Matthew from work, I stopped at Petsmart to make my purchase.

the small bag of dogfood
 I almost got the wrong size. This small bag was only four pounds.

The Large bag of Dogfood

 I did find the bigger bag, finally. Obviously, the bigger bags last longer than the smaller ones.

14 pounds of doggy goodness
Yep, fourteen pounds! I am not sure how long that will last. I know Karen would remember. I don't pay attention to those things really.

The crisis has been averted and Libby, who is about to eat breakfast, will have her own food.

See you tomorrow.

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