Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 105 ~ What I did Before the VA Appointment

Front of Orthodox Church; still has Christmas Wreaths 
 When I went to the VA clinic (see yesterday to see those pics), I arrived super early so I decided to visit the Orthodox Church that I attend on Saturday nights.  I thought I'd like to get a couple of good pics.  I really can't get any good pics of the Church when I go to Vespers because it's too dark but this day was all bright sunshine!
The sign
 Here is the sign that lists the services and Website. As you can see, it was very bright outside!

A close up on the sign
A close up on the sign, depicting the Annunciation. (Luke  1:26-38) I never really noticed it before because I would only just drive by quickly on Saturday nights. Very nicely done!

See you tomorrow.

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