Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 116~ A Kid lounging about Church

A Kid busy at Work
It was the end of the first church service and this kid was waiting on her mother who was busy talking. What better thing for a kid to do than lay down and play on their tablet.  

they look like cats to me.
 It's some kind of virtual Pet store game.  She gets to go around with her virtual self and buy animals, I suppose. I wonder if she has to feed them too?

How much is that dogie in the window
I guess she's feeding the puppies. Or going to buy them.

Hamsters on the Nest
Apparently, this is mama hamster and papa hamster because the kid was all excited to tell me that they were just about to have a litter.
"Smile? I AM smiling! "
Kids will always find ways to amuse themselves. That is good; it keeps them out of trouble.

See you tomorrow.

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