Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 112 ~ It's Valentine's Day!

The set up Karen saw when she got home
Valentine's Day is the day we give flowers and candy to the ones we love. I went to shoprite and got all of this! Tulips and little photo holder that says "You & Me" and a box of raisinets (It's right next to the photo holder). I placed all this on the table as soon as Karen  left for work Wednesday night so that when she came home on Thursday morning (Valentine's Day!), she'd see this.

You gotta have candy for Valentine's day!
I know it's not a big box of candy but what do you want from me? I am unemployed, you know!

The Tulips in a pink cup 

I could not find the vase so I did the next best thing and found a pink cup.

much nicer, eh?
Of course, Karen found the vase and set the tulips in the living room.
Happy Valentine's day, Karen; I love you!

A good reminder!
 Oh, an extra bonus for Valentine's day. One of the kids from church gave this to me as a reminder of God's love on Valentine's day!

See you tomorrow!

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