Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 104 ~ A VA Appointment

This is where my "clinic" is
Losing my job meant losing my health Insurance so one of the first things the Military Representative at the Unemployment Office suggested I do is apply to the VA for health benefits. I did that way back in November and I had my intake scheduled for this past Monday. The one thing about the VA it does take a long time to get an appointment. 

VA Entranceway
 Here is the entranceway. It was very crowded in the parking lot but, amazingly, my appointment was on time and I really like my doctor, Dr. Wong.

A Funny Sign  by the "Check in" Station
When I saw this sign while I was being checked in, I laughed. I have an appointment  in 7 months to do routine blood work to check cholesterol, ect and I actually go back in two weeks because they want to check my blood pressure. It was slightly high. They are sending me a blood pressure measuring machine in the mail so I can monitor my own BP.  Thank you, taxpayers!

See you tomorrow.

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