Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 118 ~ The Prayer Room

The Prayer Room
Our church has a prayer room downstairs and it probably should be used more than it is! But I have always loved that our pastor thought it was important to set aside a place of prayer for the faithful . When I run my Jr NYI (that's the kid's youth group), we usually have the time of Bible reading/devotional thoughts in that room. First of all, because I have taught them that it is a place of prayer and not a place to play around so the place itself keeps them quiet.  And secondly, The atmosphere is conducive to spiritual reflection, at least as far a evangelical protestant churches go. There are no Icons or statues but the pews, the Bible and the Cross on the wall do make it a special place.

A simple Altar

Now if people from my church can help me remember? Wasn't this prayer room set aside in memory of Victor McLukas, a prayer warrior, if you will and wasn't it put together with funds that he set aside? I just don't remember. If you do, please comment below.

See you tomorrow and don't forget to find your own special place to pray.


  1. It was in mmory pf Victor & Margret Lucas as they were both prayer warriors who spent years on their knees lifting us all up to the Lord in prayer
    Than!kya Victor & Margret and Thankya Jim for the memory.

  2. Thanks, Don! Is there a plaque in their memory there? There should be!